Create Clear Land Without Making Too Much Waste

Team up with our land clearing company in the Glenfield, NY area

When you need to get rid of materials on your property, choose Stanford Green Waste LLC for the job. Our land clearing company uses a shredder to break down green waste into manageable pieces that won't fill up a landfill. If you've got items on your lot that we can't shred, we'll still dispose of them for you. Our company's owner has over 30 years of experience in the industry, so you can count on us for a job well done.

Call 315-771-6878 now to get a free estimate on land clearing or demolition services in the Glenfield, NY area.

We'll use our shredder on all kinds of jobs

Removing entire homes or clearing large lots of land might seem like a challenge, but it's nothing we can't handle. Hire us for:

  • Land clearing services: Trust us to clear the way for your new build
  • Home demolition services: We can fully remove old structures from your lot
  • Natural debris cleaning services: Relax while we restore your yard after a storm
  • Green waste overflow removal services: You can call us to shred items at green sites
On every job, we'll shred whatever we can to help decrease the amount of waste entering the landfill.

Find out more about our shredder

Stanford Green Waste LLC isn't like your typical land clearing company. Our shredder is hard to find anywhere else in our area. Using a shredder on your demolition project means your unwanted material can be:

  • Reused as wood chips
  • Recycled as mulch
  • Composted as soil enrichment
It can also be burned so it won't take up any space in a landfill. Contact us to learn more about our shredder and how it works.